Is Your Outlet Not Working? Here’s What to Do

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Outlet Not Working? Here Are Some Tips on How to Fix It

Who’s ever heard of an outlet not working? It’s not a common thing by a long shot, but when it happens it can leave you feeling rather confused and annoyed. The good news is that you have other outlets around the house. That being said, you can’t leave a bad outlet chilling in your home. It’s about time it got fixed – and you’re going to be the one to fix it. Troubleshooting your outlet is actually not as hard or scary as you might make it out to be. In fact, with these simple troubleshooting tips, you could have the electricity running through your outlet again in no time.

These quick and easy tips will get you the energy you need – no electrician required. Read on to learn what you can do.

1. Is It Really Dead?

Whenever we plug in something and it doesn’t work, we automatically assume that it’s the outlet’s fault. Before we play the blaming game, let’s cut the outlet some slack and see if it’s the cord you’re using instead.

It’s not uncommon for cords to have faulty or damaged wiring. In fact, more often than not the problem will lie with the cord instead of the outlet, which would explain why it won’t work for you.

Try plugging in another cord and see what happens. There’s a good chance that you’ll see your outlet magically come to life again.

2. Circuits Be Trippin'

One of the most common problems with an outlet that doesn’t work is that the circuit may have tripped. If this happens, it will cause a power outage to that specific area of your house that the breaker is connected to.

Take a look at your breaker box and see if the breaker has even been fully turned on (that could also be the problem). Otherwise, turn the breaker off and turn it back on again. Resetting the breaker should kick the outlet back into gear.

3. You Might Be Half-Hot

Sometimes our houses like to play tricks on us. The half-hot outlet is probably it’s greatest gag yet.

There are times when a home or other building may have what’s called a half-hot outlet installed. This outlet only works when the switch that it’s connected to is flipped first (think of it as sort of a safety measure).

If other electrical appliances are working in the room and your outlet isn’t, look around for a switch that doesn’t seem like it’s hooked up to anything. Chances are you found the solution – and solved your house’s pesky prank.

Let Us Help Out

Are you having more problems with your outlet not working than you can handle? Let us help you fix the problem.

Our company has a track record of giving out quality customer service that’s fast, easy, and affordable. We tackle anything, from handling electrical outlets to repairing and installing generators, installing underground wires, and much more.

Ready to work with us? Just give us a call. We’ll get you the electricity that you need.

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