How Much Does It Cost to Install a Home Generator?

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On average, Americans are without power for 112 minutes in one year. While each individual power outage doesn’t seem like it’s for very long, as you can see, it can add up to around 2 hours of lost time.

Even if the power goes out for just 10 minutes, it might be at a crucial enough time that you lose hours of work. Or it might cause great harm to someone who needs medical equipment.

Thankfully, you can prevent this by getting a backup home generator!

You might want to enjoy the many benefits of owning a home generator, but are also wondering: how much it costs to install one?

Keep reading. Here’s a brief guide to generator installation prices.

General Installation Costs

In America, you can expect to pay anywhere between $1,300 to over $7,000 for a home generator installation. As you can see, that’s a huge variation in prices, with the average being around $4,300.

Factors That Influence Price

Chances are, those numbers above are much too vague for you. Let’s help you narrow down the price by discussing the factors that can make your costs go up or down.

The Type of Generator You Choose

The biggest thing that’ll influence what you pay is the type of generator you choose. In general, there are 2 types: portable and whole house.

You might’ve inferred that portable generators are smaller; they’re also much cheaper, coming in at a couple hundred dollars.

Whole house generators will cost as much as $15,000.

A generator can use the following as power:

  • Gasoline
  • Natural gas
  • Diesel
  • Liquid propane
  • Solar energy

The cheapest are gasoline, liquid propane, and solar generators. Natural gas is next up, and diesel is the most expensive.

However, you should consider the convenience factor of each type of generator. For example, natural gas generators are 2nd to last on the price list, but can be much more convenient than gasoline ones since there’s no fuel storage required.

Another example is solar generators. They’re somewhat cost-effective, plus they’re eco-friendly. However, they can’t store large amounts of energy.

Hours of Work

In general, you can expect the electrician to spend 3 to 4 hours for installation. However, if they hit any roadblocks, expect that (and the price) to go much higher.

Where You Live

If electricians are in demand where you live, then they’ll charge more for their labor. Otherwise, if the market’s saturated, then your costs might be lower, such as $60 per hour. Your particular location matters too. Some areas of the US have much higher cost of living, so electricians need to adjust their pricing to account for that.

Have a Home Generator Installed Today

As you can see, there are many factors that influence home generator installation costs. While you might have a ballpark idea of how much this service will cost, the best thing is to get in touch with a professional so they can give you a more accurate quote on how much you’ll need to spend.

Are you interested in having a home generator installed and want to know more about our prices? Then get a free estimate from us now.

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