How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Breaker Box?

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Is it time to replace your electrical breaker box? Ask yourself the following:

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Does your panel feel hot to the touch?
Does it sometimes give off a smell? These items can be a sign of improper installation, defects, or bad circuits.
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Do you want to get new appiances?
A lot of newer stoves and refrigerators require high amperages to coperate at their best. If your dream kitches includes band-spanking-new appliances, you’ll want to save up for electrical panel replacement as well.
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Was your home built before 2000?
Then you might not have the amperage you need to run modern appliances. Any electrical panel with fewer than 200 amps should be replaced by a local electrician.
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Do you rely on fuses to power your home?
Though practical, these systems harken back to 50 or 60 years ago. If you need to repair these boxes, finding an electrician with the needed expertise can be hard. The fact that you need to replace them each time they “trip” is also a major inconvenience.
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Do your circuits trip a lot?
Are you familiar with your breaker box that you could find the trouble switch in the dark? If so, you should consider replacing the service panel. This will not only eliminare the inconvenience but also provide more stable power.
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Are your lights flickering?
Though this can just signal a home in need of lighting repair, it can also be a sign that you’re straining your electrical service panel. The only way to know the true cause is to schedule a visit with one of Houston’s top electrical contractors.

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