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Surge Protection

Surge Protection

surge protection

You may feel that your appliances or your family do not use enough power to require surge protection, but a simple outage due to power surge can be an issue for any home owner, not just hi-tech families.

1) Do you own any appliances that you’d like to make certain stay in working order?

2) Do you want to keep anything at all you have saved on your pc?

If you answered yes to both of these concerns, surge protection may be a safe idea for you.

Residential Electrical Services is licensed through the state of Texas:


Wherever you reside in Texas, there are risks to your electronic units that are common across all cities.

Electricians in Friendswood and Electricians in Pearland understand on day one that most houses operate on a voltage of 120 volts. If the voltage rises significantly past that, even for an instant, any device you have plugged in will be immediately “fried”.

A variety of diverse factors can trigger this kind of a surge, but the most widespread one particular is a lightning strike ( ten,000 volts at the reduced end) around a electricity line. Even though your residence will not feel all ten thousand volts, it is nevertheless a lot more than adequate to damage every little thing you have plugged in at the time.

You will be glad you decided to hire a League city electrician for surge protection as you view the neighbors throwing out their brand new flat screen tv.


Residential Electrical Services is licensed through the state of Texas: ​TECL#20673 TMEL#4548 We are registered electricians in Friendswood, Pearland, and surrounding areas, We maintain general liability insurance.
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